Our Programs

Our Programs

Life Challenge’s multi-pronged strategy to fight addiction involves numerous programs for men, women & children.

Addiction Recovery Centers

Men’s Residential Program

Life Challenge’s residential programs incorporate some of the world’s most successful principles of recovery and is the most effective way to break free from serious addiction issues. These principles have been proven to be effective as long as the program resident is willing to voluntarily participate to the prescribed structure.

The residential centers are group homes run inside a closed facility with limited access to the outside world, enabling the residents to completely focus on their recovery without extrernal distractions. The centers follow a closely monitored daily schedule that includes prescribed activities to help restore a person socially, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The extent of the damaged lifestyle depends on the duration of the disease. Recovery from addiction requires an individual to re-learn a new & healthy way of living. The successful rehabilitation of an affected individual best happens at a closely monitored and highly structured residential program.

The center residents, called students, have come to learn a new way of life. The program addresses the key elements of recovery through, personal hygiene, responsibility development, personalized self paced curriculum, counseling, group therapy, meditation, spiritual mentoring, physical development, exercise and interpersonal social skills.

The Life Challenge program maintains a balance of social, physical, mental, spiritual & emotional development. Students are required to be full time residential participants. The duration of the program is 12-18 months:

  • Studentship: 12 months (4 levels) Certificate of Completion

Women’s Support Centers

Counseling, support & life-skills

Addiction affects the extended family of the individual struggling with addiction. The destruction on the family ranges from persistent regular abuse of family members to death from murder or suicide.

The wife is faced with the extremely difficult responsibility to provide for the children, while the husband threatens to drain out every resource available. Many families are driven to deeper levels of poverty and extreme forms of abuse. Women are helpless in the face of the enemy and are desperately looking for a way out, sadly for some of them, the way out is suicide.

The women’s support programs of Life Challenge provide spiritual upliftment and life skills that empower the woman to stay strong and provide for her family in some wa

Children’s Rescue Mission

Outreach, Prevention & Mentoring

Life Challenge runs children’s mission programs with the goal of providing love, hope and mentorship to children facing the dangers of addiction.  Children are empowered to make the right choices through the following efforts:

Life Clubs are small outreach groups for children, that meet on a weekly basis. A trained local coordinator runs the Life Club, and teaches kids from a Life Curriculum that’s based on Life Challenge’s L-I-F-E philosophy of Love, Identity, Faithfulness & Excellence. In a Life Club meeting, kids enjoy singing, playing games and listening to stories with a life application. The goal of a Life Club is to provide the kids with a foundation for Life.

Life Camps are one to three-day short-term retreats for children. Life Camps cover various topics of importance and interest to children and youth such as personal care, spiritual mentoring, abuse prevention, addiction awareness, social relationships, arts, careers etc.  These topics provide additional guidance and mentorship in various essential areas of life. By attending a Life Camp, kids are exposed to new ideas and concepts that expand their minds and rekindle their spirits. They get to step away from their daily routine into a fun social environment and interact with other kids.

Education Centers offer homework help and tutoring to students encouraging them to strive at their education, for a better future. These programs are run at locations right where the children are. Many of the children do not go to school and those from the low-income families who do attend school and very irregular and often lack proper guidance and motivation.

Education is powerful and a strong deterrent against addiction. Education also provides a future for the children, and gives them a hope that a better life is possible. The children lack role models around them, and often tend to fall back into the same patterns of life as their parents and those in the environment around them. Life Challenge staff meet on weekday evenings with the children, and oversee the education process.

Sports and group activities are excellent ways to keep children and youth out of a lifestyle of addiction. Sports Clubs meet weekly for a time of practice for the chosen sport like football, cricket etc. Depending on interest and discipline in practice, the youth are encouraged to form teams and compete with other teams. Sports Clubs play a key role in helping the youth find purpose and serves as an anti-drug.

Prison Freedom Mission

Awareness, Hope & Freedom

A prison term does not necessarily translate to freedom from addiction. A person can fall right back into addiction as soon as the opportunity arises, if they have never had the opportunity to deal with their addiction while in prison. Life Challenge believes in reaching out to this ‘captive’ audience and helping them while they are in prison.

An extremely high percentage of people are in prisons because of addiction related crimes. Either the crime was committed while under the influence of drugs & alcohol or fueled for the need of money to indulge in their addictions. From petty robberies to planned mafia activities or rape, murder and other heinous crimes, the persons committing the crime are under the control of the mind altering poison called addiction.

Life Challenge’s Prison Freedom Mission was launched in March 2011 with the first Addiction Awareness Seminar held inside Tihar Jail, the largest jail in South Asia. One thousand inmates attended the seminar.

The seminar was mainly focused towards helping the men realize that addiction was a ruthless and powerful enemy that would not let go of its victims even after a prison term. The open doors to the prison system led to Life Challenge exploring more possibilities of visiting other jails. The jail officials expressed a desire to have more of Life Challenge’s interaction in helping them to fight the evil nexus of addiction & crime.

Since then Life Challenge has conducted prison outreaches in different parts of Rajasthan, Nagaland, Mizoram, South India and also Sri Lanka.