About Us

Life Challenge Trust

Life Challenge Trust is a Government of India registered Trust under Indian Trusts Act 1882. Reg. No. #284/04-05

Our Mission

Life Challenge is on a mission to empower society to handle addiction and challenges. Since 2003, thousands of individuals & families have been reached through various initiatives.

Our Strategy

Life Challenge follows a 3-point strategy to accomplish the mission to help society overcome addiction and other life challenges.

Prevent Addiction

Provide Recovery

Prepare Caregivers

Our Founders

Life Challenge was started in 2003, when Dr. PM John and Mrs. Lally John opened their home to help rehabilitate four men, who were struggling with addictions to drugs & alcohol.

By 2005, the number increased to 15, and by 2006, 30 men were going through the Life Challenge recovery program.

Life Challenge graduates went on to open new centers, and the organization began to expand to more locations.

History & Timeline

2002: Life Challenge International Founders Mr. & Mrs. Binush & Indira Mathew sensed a burden to help men facing addiction in India.

2003: Binush’ parents, Mr & Mrs PM John started Bangalore Life Challenge in June 2003 as the first Men’s Residential Home

2004: The first Addiction Awareness Seminar was held in Kakching, Manipur

2005: Men’s Residential center Kakching Life Challenge. was started in an unused government building.

2006: Vellore Life Challenge was started in a rented school building in April 2006.  The first Public Awareness Rallies were held in Bangalore, Manipur & Vellore.

2007: Dimapur Life Challenge was launched in a rented facility. In June, a visit was made to Myanmar to conduct addiction awareness seminars.

2008: In Manipur, a HIV Relief Center for widows of addicts was launched to support the families affected by addiction.

2009: Life Challenge launched a national Community Awareness Campaign in India against addiction called the “Truth About Addiction.”

2010: Chennai Life Challenge  was established by setting up of Children’s Life Clubs. Life Challenge launches the Children’s Rescue Mission to help children fight addiction through School Seminars and Children Life Camps in Nagaland, Manipur & Chennai.

2011: Prison Freedom Mission was launched in North India, with Life Challenge teams visiting Tihar Jail, Dimapur Jail and 4 other jails in Rajasthan. The first Prison Freedom Camp  was held for 3 days inside a Rajasthan jail. Kota Life Challenge was established as a 20 bed center in a donated building.

2012: A 2 acre property purchased in Manipur to start a Residential school to help orphans & children from homes affected by HIV & Addiction.

2013: Life Challenge celebrates 10th Anniversary with programs in Bangalore, Chennai & Kota. Life School is dedicated in Kakching, Manipur

2016: Outreach & counselor training started in Myanmar. Manipur School adds Boy’s & Girls Home registered with the Child Welfare Commission

2017: Life Camp, a 7 day intensive recovery program launched in India.

2018: 15th Anniversary of Life Challenge.