About Life Challenge

Since 2003, Life Challenge India has been helping society overcome addiction and other life controlling problems, through various programs and services.

Our Philosophy

Life Challenge India follows the principles of Life Challenge Academy and believes that addiction is a darkness of the human spirit that destroys both body & soul. Addiction recovery is only possible when the principles of holistic transformation are implemented, which addresses the Five Dimensions of man; heart, mind, body, personality and social relationships.

Our Strategy

Helping society to overcome the enemy of addiction requires a multi-prong strategy that includes prevention programs, training for counselors and recovery options.

Prevent Addiction through awareness

Prepare Caregivers through training

Provide Recovery through programs

Our Programs

Life Challenge offers various programs for individuals and families with numerous initiatives to help men, women, youth & children.

Addiction Recovery

12-18 month residential program

Family Support

Outreach & life skill training

Children’s Mission

Schools & weekly life clubs

Community Awareness

School seminars, rallies & campaigns

Prison Mission

Awareness & freedom camps

Training Programs

Addiction Counseling & Certification

Our Locations

Life Challenge centers in different parts of India provide one or more of the various programs & services.


Men’s Recovery Center


Residential Life School


Life Clubs, Women Support Center


Recovery Center, Prison Mission


Recovery Center, Prison Mission


Life Camps & Retreat Center

Global Network

Life Challenge India is part of the Life Challenge Global Network transforming communities in Asia, Africa & North America.